At Cooperative Mas La Sala we love to observe and learn from the processes of the ecosystem around us. We believe that the reconnection of the human species with nature is the path to Ecosocial Transformation.

That is why we offer experiential environmental education through workshops, activities for children, and farm visits for young people and adults alike.

Below you can find the description of the activities:


Storytelling workshop addressed to families, or groups of children until 10 years old.

Approximate duration: 1h30


Do you remember the Jack’s Enchanted Bean, the pea under the princess’ mattresses,  the goose that laid the golden egg, the milkmaid…? Have you noticed how most folk tales have to do with rural life?

We want to reconnect children with farming life through a morning in the edible garden:

Next to the garden we will tell adapted stories related to each season’s vegetables. After this, our little guests will have the opportunity to meet the vegetables that appear in the stories, by watering, collecting, touching, smelling them…


We want to create a connection between the visitors and the garden and the work involved with it, value local vegetables and promote a healthy and seasonal diet.


We love stories, but not all the messages that the classics convey. We have redrawn them to explain them to you without perpetuating prejudices, stereotypes and discriminations on the basis of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, origin, class or abilities.