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Give an experience at Mas La Sala! If you want to give someone a Gift Voucher, you just need to fill in the form indicating which option interests you the most and we will send you a personalized Voucher.
The Voucher can be used in the following two years from the purchase.

Steps to follow:
1- Fill in the form.

2- You will receive an email with the necessary information to make the payment and obtain the Voucher. 3- Once the bank transfer has been made, you will receive a Gift Voucher with a reservation code.

4- Make your gift.

5- The people who receive it, can choose the days they want to come by contacting us.


These are the different options:

Give two nights with breakfast included
(for two people)



€ 274


01.MITJA PENSIO 1x2.jpg

Give two nights with breakfast and all meals included
(for two people)

€ 358



Give two nights with breakfast and 1 meal included
(for two people)



€ 302



Give an educational activity.


€ 20


05.Activitat 2x1.jpg



Give two nights with breakfast and meals included and 1 educational activity
(for two people)



€ 378


04. 04.PENSIO COMPLETA+ACT 1x1 1x2.jpg

If the gift is for more than two people, specify it on the form and we will send you more information

Gift Voucher Mas La Sala

Fill out this form to purchase a gift voucher.

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